10 Top-Class Kitchen Cabinet Designs

If your kitchen is beginning to appear a little old, a new kitchen cabinet design can make all the difference in turning drab into spectacular. Everyone hangs around in the kitchen, correct? Why is that, exactly?

Davins Plumbing‘s Chief Editor, Othieno Nick, writes: “In the kitchen, you can relax. You can bump against a counter and not worry about putting that glass of wine down. There might already be some mess.”

Your kitchen, whether cluttered or not, reflects your personal style. And you don’t necessarily have to pay a premium for each component. Whatever your budget, a well-designed kitchen can reflect your own style or enhance the architecture of your home.

Here’s a list of 10 kitchen cabinet design ideas we enjoy that our clients have been incorporating into their kitchen projects:

1. The Classic Kitchen

The Classic Kitchen
The Classic Kitchen

A classic kitchen, with the appropriate accents, is timeless. These are tried-and-true elements that go well with more conventional design, as a home’s architecture should inform the details.

A classic kitchen is typically distinguished by framed cabinets with frame and panel doors.

Often, the upper cabinets will be finished with crown moulding at the top. This is a fantastic example of one of our vintage kitchens. 

2. The Duo-Tone

10 Top-Class Kitchen Cabinet Designs
The Duo-Tone Kitchen

Duo-tone kitchens are those that have opted to use two different colors (usually white with an additional color, although not always).

Here’s a stunning white and navy blue kitchen with just enough of each hue to keep things interesting. 

3. The Scandinavian

Most modern design follows the Scandinavian aesthetic, particularly in kitchens and cabinetry.

10 Top-Class Kitchen Cabinet Designs
The Scandinavian Cabinet Design

This style is distinguished by basic, clean lines that reject all forms of adornment in favor of defining space through volume, proportion, and materials. Most Scandinavian designs incorporate wood tones, particularly those that are light and neutral, as seen in this example from a San Francisco condo kitchen that we constructed.

Scandinavian design is also associated with the minimalism of midcentury design, making it ideal for those who value simplicity in their surroundings. 

4. White And Cream

10 Top-Class Kitchen Cabinet Designs
The White & Cream Cabinet

White cabinets, like our first category, may be considered classic, but white, and often cream-colored cabinets, are an excellent alternative for people seeking a neutral palette in which to express themselves.

Pure white can provide a more contemporary look, although cream (sometimes known as “off-white”) works well with more conventional cabinets, as shown in this kitchen.

Working with light neutrals such as white and cream will always provide you with a reliable canvas to complement various colors and textures.

5. Refined Rustic

Rustic styles are distinguished by knotty, wild-grained wood reminiscent of a log cabin. This design is undeniably warm and comforting but in a more polished way.

This look is distinguished by wood as the dominant material, but it has progressed from wild grain to more clean, refined detailing ideal for a dignified and traditional environment.

In this new interpretation, wood is the dominating element used to warm up a space, but it is complemented by classic or modern features in countertops and hardware materials.

6. Fluted Detail

Flutes have long been connected with classical architectural columns. However, fluting has evolved into a modern “texture” that is utilized on cabinet faces as well as feature areas such as walls and cabinet completed ends, as described here.

Fluting can be used in various proportions and scales to bring interest to a contemporary design that needs a lift.

Here’s an example of a Segale Bros. bathroom vanity in rift white wood, with fluted top drawer faces. 

 7. New Knobs And Pulls

This choice is the least invasive and quickest way to modify the look of your kitchen. It can also be the most cost-effective way to redecorate your kitchen.

Replace your current decorative hardware (knobs, pulls, or handles) with new pieces to alter the “vibe” of your cabinets.

If you only have knobs, this technique is really simple; simply buy new knobs to replace the old ones. If you have handles as part of your hardware, pay particular attention to the “hole spread” of the screw holes. Do not expect that these will be standard.

8. Freestanding Or Island Kitchen

10 Top-Class Kitchen Cabinet Designs
Freestanding Cabinet

Sometimes we need to stand out from the crowd. The same is true for kitchen cabinetry. A solitary cabinet blends into your kitchen while also standing out.

This island cabinet was created to look more like a piece of furniture than a cabinet. standalone can also refer to a literal standalone piece of furniture that is combined with ordinary cabinets to make a statement.

Many designers utilize freestanding storage cabinets to showcase dishes and glassware in bigger kitchens. 

9. Glossy Finish

Consider glossy-finished cabinetry for a more modern design. They reflect light, making even small kitchens appear larger. A glossy surface can also provide an unexpected formality, making a kitchen appear more significant and less “casual.” Glossy can also be employed in a more traditional setting, with a strongly lacquered surface to make a space with architectural elements more vibrant, as seen in this vivid green example. 

10. Wood Accent

Using a little wood to break up a neutral color can be an effective design tool. In this case, wood floating shelves add some vitality to bland gray cabinetry.

The same wood is utilized throughout the house to make it more fascinating.

To add depth and intrigue, put a wood accent alternating on the top and lower cabinets. To make the little area more dramatic, the top drawer fronts are all made of wood.

10 Top-Class Kitchen Cabinet Designs

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